Vinod Dudeja, VP Sales & Operations – North America, Trinamix interviewed in “Calgary Focus” on Punjabi National TV.

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Vinod Dudeja, VP Sales & Operations – North America, Trinamix interviewed in “Calgary Focus” on Punjabi National TV

Excerpts from the interview

Vinod Dudeja, VP Sales & Operations – North America Trinamix who also heads the Trinamix Canada operations was recently interviewed in a show – Calgary Focus, by Punjabi National TV. In this conversation, Vinod talks about technology trends, the scope for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology professionals in Canada and Trinamix’s vision towards building a resource-base in Canada.

Vinod highlights the presence of Trinamix in Calgary, Canada and how Trinamix helps automate processes by automating Enterprise Resource Planning solutions based on Oracle for corporations.

While talking about the upcoming technology trends, Vinod believes that there is a convergence of different technologies. He explains how the technology has shifted from standalone systems to VPN (Virtual Private Networks) to Data centers and Cloud-based systems. He further mentions how Oracle is a leader in Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning software. Vinod also explains the newer technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Chatbots in layman language and the applications of these technologies.

When asked about the scope of ERP technology solutions in Canada, Vinod highlights how Canada is a natural resource driven economy, be it Oil & Gas, Minerals or even Agriculture, it is a natural resource based economy. He mentions how the large corporations in Canada and including the Government of Canada, Government of Ontario, Alberta etc. leverage Oracle solutions. Vinod recommends that the market is huge and there are ample opportunities to learn the skills and apply these skills within Canada. Vinod also highlights how large services companies are looking at Canada as a safe place to have a ready talent pool.

On Trinamix’s vision, Vinod talks about creating a natural talent pool of Oracle resources that can be leveraged by Trinamix and other IT companies. In order to support the economy in Canada and diversify the skill set for Canadians in Oracle ERP Cloud, Trinamix has launched a 3 month training program for Canadians. This is a free training program to support people who have lost their jobs in oil and gas or job loss due to Covid and they wish to embark on Oracle Cloud ERP journey and career change.   If you have friends who may be interested in learning Oracle Cloud ERP, please encourage them to apply.

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