Life Sciences and Healthcare

Addressing the Industry’s Critical Requirements 


In today’s evolving business landscape, life sciences organizations must deliver fast responses, provide high-quality products, and improve their dynamic competencies. Trinamix helps customers worldwide uncover their potential and drive progress through our deep understanding of the life sciences ecosystem—from pharma, biotech, medical devices, clinical trials, and more. We leverage an array of solutions built on top of Oracle’s cloud-based technologies, helping life sciences organizations overcome several challenges. With modern solution offerings, we ensure faster time-to-value for new treatments and devices, unify data from clinical trials, streamline and automate safety case management, and strengthen business operations.  


Trinamix has deep expertise in implementing end-to-end Oracle Cloud Solutions, allowing life sciences companies to more accurately predict demand and supply, calculate optimum stock levels, and quickly adapt to changes across the global supply chain. We help customers overcome their technological shortcomings and lay down a smooth path to success by providing the right tools to respond to industry changes faster and forecast market demand better. 

Trinamix Value Add

  • Skill-Set-Based Access to Sign-Off Operations​ and Better Equipment Validation​: Trinamix MES PAAS solution ensures that only those users trained on the SOP can book the operations. We ensure that only validated and calibrated equipment is used on the floor.​ 
  • Restricted Inventory Movement: Trinamix’s Restrict Lot Movement solution allows access to lots by roles; needed when only Quality can move a manufactured or purchased lot after necessary inspection and paperwork​.  
  • Pre-built integration with PLM, Training, and otherKey systems​: A typical life science corporation has many critical peripheral systems. Trinamix offers pre-packaged integrations with such systems reducing implementation risks​. 
  • Minimum Shelf-Life Planning ​Expired Lot Management​: Automated ‘quarantine’ status assignment and notifications about expired lots, considering world area-specific minimum shelf-life requirements in supply planning calculation using Trinamix Allocation Workbench.​ 
  • 3PL Integration​:  Pre-built integration for customer order entry and shipping processes with leading life-science 3PL providers, such as HealthLink and UPS​. 
  • ​Country-Specific Product Restrictions​: Restrict the sale of finished goods based on country-specific regulatory approvals. 
  • RPA-Based Approach for Regression Testing in Validation​​: Opkey – the leading automated continuous validation platform in the industry, specifically designed to address GxP compliance solutions.


Streamlined Workflows and Productivity 

Enhanced Patient Care and Outcomes 

Improved Scalability and Flexibility 


Meeting Regulatory Compliance Goals 

Faster Collaboration and Decision-Making 

Better Insights and Data Security 

Success Stories

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