Life Science and Healthcare



Life sciences and healthcare industry consists of a large amount of data, the business models in it keep on changing and it has disruptive technologies. It is operating in vastly restricted and regulated environment.

As a result, various supply chain configurations are required to meet the needs of the entire ecosystem of healthcare. A typical health care supply chain is a complex network of many different stakeholders at different stages of the value chain. The nature of this industry is such that demand is highly volatile and intermittent. The current approach in the supply chain process leads to the following inefficiencies:

  • The forecast accuracy is based on historical consumption patterns, which is poor.
  • There are very few suppliers worldwide, that too based in a foreign country hence the supply reliability is poor.
  • The demand is always higher in life science and healthcare industry, hence higher inventory levels at all stages of supply chain.
  • To work upon supply chain process, more number of manpower is involved.

Complex Regulatory Compliances

Clinical and Operational Data are in Silos

High Data Volume of Research & Development

Inefficient Cost Management


The implementation of a complete, seamlessly integrated and customizable healthcare supply chain is proposed by Trinamix to improve its reliability.
Trinamix solution allows you to more accurately predict demand and supply, calculate optimum stock levels and quickly adapt to changes across your global supply chain. It also helps you to monitor and manage your extended supply chain on an ongoing basis through embedded analytics that operate within your strategic, tactical and operational planning applications.

Oracle Demantra Demand Management

Oracle Inventory Optimization

Oracle Demantra Advanced Forecasting and Demand Model

Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning w/ Constraint-Based Optimization

Oracle Advanced Planning Command Center


Improvement in Forecast Accuracy

Enables Collaboration

Inventory Optimization

Efficient Decision Making

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