Trinamix Digital

Intelligent Assistant

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Platform for Oracle Cloud


The RPA software market continues to expand as businesses look for new ways to do more with less. With RPA, enterprises can create software robots, or “bots”, that can quickly learn, mimic, and execute various rules-based business processes.

These bots operate around the clock, nonstop, much faster, and with more reliability and precision, automating those tedious manual tasks that are prone to human errors and repetitive actions.

With design environments that are difficult to use and require too much time to build and maintain their bots, many organizations find it strenuous to reap the most benefits from RPA.

Trinamix RPA platform deploys digital bots or computer programs that digitally complete your manual tasks, providing an immediate return on your investment.

Solution Overview

An RPA-based platform has emerged as the leading approach to automating tasks in business processes.

Trinamix Digital Intelligent Assistant (DIA) is an RPA-based platform designed and developed with a focus on Oracle Cloud automation requirements, but it’s not limited to Oracle. This pre-configured and off-the-shelf application can be used to automate any existing web application across all domains and platforms.

Trinamix DIA is incredibly useful in maximizing the organization’s efficiency by automating mundane day-to-data functions and increasing task accuracy by eliminating the possibility of manual interventions. This platform comes with loads of capabilities with all the execution outputs, reports, charts, logs, mail intimation, bot scheduling, and more.

Deploy, monitor, and manage your bots quickly — with a complete platform that serves as the central command for all your automation needs. This RPA-based solution is extremely agile, which means it can take on new tasks at an incredibly fast pace while reducing risks with better scalability in performance.

This application allows several processes to execute concurrently, helping improve performance in less time and increase customer experiences.  It can be deployed rapidly with minimal costs, based on the customer’s requirements.

Trinamix provides full support to build and maintain the bots. As a result, to run any bot, the user only needs to prepare their input files and simply execute them.

Key Differentiator

Key Benefits

No human dependencies and errors, as it works on set rules
Operate faster round the clock – 24/7 nonstop with accuracy
Save huge costs by automating mundane everyday functions
Optimize and reinvent resource use in core business operations
Increase the overall efficiency of the organization with automation
Multiple bots or a single bot executing several tasks simultaneously
Hassle-free implementation, more security, and better scalability