Trinamix Cloud Integrator



When customers want to upgrade their planning systems from the existing JD Edwards (JDE) system to the latest Oracle Cloud ERP, seeking improved features and heightened security in a cloud-based environment, a critical hurdle lies in achieving seamless integration. The necessity arises for a tool that can automate the extraction of both master data and transactional information from JDE, ensuring that the data is appropriately formatted to align with Oracle Cloud’s requirements.

Trinamix Cloud Integrator efficiently streamlines this process by establishing a prebuilt configuration in Oracle Cloud Integrator and strategically placing the formatted data where Oracle Cloud can seamlessly access and utilize it. It bridges the gap between the older JDE system and the advanced Oracle Cloud ERP and proves instrumental in addressing specific functionality gaps.

Solution Overview

Trinamix Cloud Integrator is an integration service that works with Oracle cloud modules, such as Oracle Supply Planning and Oracle Demand Management Cloud, to supply key data from the J.D. Edwards Enterprise system.  Oracle Planning Cloud requires master data, such as product information, customer details, and pricing information, along with transactional information, like sales order details, fulfillment information, and sourcing constraints, to present the critical analysis to planners.

Based on Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC), it is designed to get the master data along with their dependent attribution and hierarchy information with precision. Meticulously addressing dependencies in master data is a key aspect of our integration approach. There is an inbuilt mapping between JDE and Oracle cloud entities.  Data is transformed and converted into a format suitable for import into Oracle cloud modules. It also provides seamless integration for transactional data, where the incremental data is identified and extracted optimally.

Trinamix Cloud Integrator – Oracle Inbound Integration Outline


Data transformation into the format required for Oracle Cloud Import

Attribute mapping between JDE and Oracle Cloud

Well-defined data collection sequence considering data dependencies

Touchless integration flow using OIC and web services with the appropriate failure recovery mechanism

Support for both master data and transactional data transactions for planning cloud


Quick upgrades to Oracle Cloud

Significant reduction in time to implement Oracle planning solutions for JDE customers

Faster plug-and-play integration system

Trinamix Cloud Integrator is also listed on Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Check it out here.