Trading & Distribution



Trading and distribution industries are essential parts of the economy, but they are also highly competitive and vulnerable sectors. As a result, organizations in these industries face several challenges in keeping up with various capabilities to meet supplier compliance demands, managing shorter delivery times, and implementing global sourcing strategies. Trading and distribution companies are responsible for the wholesale distribution of a vast range of goods and services. Their business lines are diverse and complex, relying heavily on strong corporate governance and management structures to operate efficiently. We offer a diverse multitude of solutions built on Oracle Cloud technologies, enabling trading and distribution companies to enhance visibility across business processes to facilitate informed decision-making, planning, and execution. With state-of-the-art solution offerings, we help manage your complex mix of distribution channels, diverse products, pricing structures, profit margins, and operational processes.


Trinamix has in-depth acumen in implementing end-to-end Oracle Cloud Solutions, enabling trading and distribution companies to enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency with a connected logistics system. We help customers maximize perfect order fulfillment, adopt new selling models, lower costs, and optimize sustainability in the distribution process.  These solutions have been specifically designed to optimize workforce planning to attract and nurture talent and respond quickly to ever-changing demand, supply, and market conditions.

Trinamix PaaS Solutions and Accelerators:

Prebuilt AI model to optimally recommend investment buy

A mechanism to decompose investment buy for planners

Algorithm simulates to optimally allocate volume to DC

Genetic Algorithm to optimize inventory holding

Contextualization with historical, current & predicted data

Workflows for planners to simulate supply, demand & inventory levels

Create and orchestrate promotion Events

Analyze the promotion’s impact before releasing the promotion

Maintain promotions calendar Approve promotions

Integrate promotions with DM cloud

Generate promotional lift Improved forecast accuracy

Automatic customer data collection

Support collaboration from all Stakeholders

CPRF template

Real-time sell-in and sell thru updates

Real-time scenario planning

Ability to aggregate or disaggregate Data as needed

Ability to override data

A single-user interface for CPRF view

Divide the supply chain into segments

Seamless planning across demand, supply, and inventory

Leverage embedded analytics

Recommendation Exception based planning

Analyze alternatives

Machine learning predictions against actionable decisions

Apply vendor /item-specific business rules for inbound material

Flexible architecture for custom rules

Supports outbound to regional dc, hub, and spoke

Excess inventory deployment

Real-time integration of External Risk with enterprise systems

Weather, Social Media & News data consolidation, and enrichment

Pro-active event management to detect disruptions before they happen

Analytical algorithms to assess disruptions and provide resolution

Advanced visualization dashboard

Success Story

A leading North American Glass Manufacturer Seeks the Expertise of Trinamix for Oracle Demand Management Cloud and Oracle Supply Planning Cloud Implementation

Trinamix provided a supply chain planning foundation solution that could be easily scaled up globally.

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Success Story

A Leading Steel Distribution Company Selects Trinamix for Oracle Demand Management, Replenishment, and Supply Planning Cloud Implementation along with Data Integration from JDE

Trinamix shortened the planning cycle by reducing manual workflow ESP in Order creation in JDE and coil planning processing times.

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Success Story

A Leading Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Specialist Merchant Collaborates with Trinamix for Oracle Demand Management Cloud and Oracle Supply Planning Cloud Implementation

Trinamix optimized inventory to ensure on-time delivery, minimize stock-outs, and reduce the cost of ownership.

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Accelerating Supply Chain Planning in the Automotive Industry

Rocky roads or smooth sailing? Amid ongoing supply chain disruptions, automotive aftermarket suppliers are operating under a new set of rules.

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Efficiently Manage Inbound Shipment

Plan Effectively and Efficiently

Reduce Logistics Cost

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Better Profit Margin Optimization

Enhance Operational Efficiency