Food and Beverages



Food industry is one of the largest and oldest non-durable consumer goods industry. Over the last century keeping pace with technology and global supply chain, food industry has evolved and undergone major overhaul. It has taken lessons from globalization, climate change, and recent pandemics. Food safety has continued to be one of the major challenges of the industry. Consumer behavior caused by change of life-style, pandemic, seasonality continues to play a key role in this industry. Government regulations and policies also work continually to support the health and safety needs of the industry as does the latest technology. Regulations around carbon foot-print, water stewardship, sustainability, social policies continue to impact the food-chain business.

There has been significant innovation in Food Engineering while there is minimal innovation in managing Food Supply Chains in the last 40 years. The push-pull Supply Chain creates shortage and wastage along with all other complications including Compliance related to sustainability, regulatory, health, safety and environmental challenges.

If any tier in the network from Sourcing of Raw materials to Production to Processing/Packaging to Storage to Wholesale distribution to Retail to Consumers gets any kind of hiccup, it has ripple effect throughout the network. Essentially, all the entities including farmers, food service providers, distributors, CPG companies and retailers get impacted.

Some of the typical supply chain challenges includes:

Demand Volatility

Supply Uncertainty

Labor Challenges

Capacity Challenges

Supply Chain Risk

Channel Shifts

Cost & Margin Pressures

All these challenges justify that there is a clear need to model digital food supply chains essentially making every product a “Digital Asset”.


Trinamix helps CPG and retail companies in digital transformation of their supply chain capabilities to solve the supply chain challenges mentioned above. Some of these includes:

Demand Planning
Transportation Management
Sales & Operations Planning
Trade Management
Supply Planning
Warehouse Management
Replenishment Planning
Intelligent Track & Trace

This helps Food & Beverages companies in various activities and functions from Farm to Fork. These activities range from Forecasting, Promotion/Channel Planning, Product Mix etc. on Consumer side to Processing/Packaging side including procurement of raw materials, lead time management etc. to the Transportation side including sustainability, predictability, traceability, compliance etc. All of these are covered through various Oracle Cloud Applications to cover the entire supply chain as listed above.

Oracle + Trinamix Value Add


Oracle DM Cloud + Planning Advisor

Forecast Accuracy
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Segmentation
Smart NPI

Oracle SP Cloud + Planning Advisor

Improvement in timeline completeness
unified system that collaborates across the supply chain
Plan effectively and efficiently

Trinamix Trade Promotions Planning

Baseline & Incremental Volume
% Lift for each promotion
%ROI based on Cost & Price
Volume & Margin
Analyze effect of promotion on overall profitability

Trinamix CPFR + Amazon Replenishment Solution

Improved Forecast Accuracy based on POS Data
Demand Sensing based on Store POS
Easy to use Amazon Templates

Trinamix Distribution Workbench

Productivity improvement for buyers
Manage inbound shipment
Optimize order placement
Align with sourcing contract
Reduced logistics cost

Success Stories

Trinamix helps a leading American chain casual restaurants to adopt Oracle Demand Planning Cloud and Oracle Supply Planning Cloud