Industry 4.0




We are in the Cambrian age of technological explosion. As compared to the previous 3 industrial revolutions that were powered by only one or two technological advances, Industry 4.0 is augmented by a series viz. IoT, Blockchain, AR, VR, 3D printing, Cyber-physical systems, Cloud Computing, Smart Sensors to name a few. This has harnessed the possibility of overhauling the industry, enhancing life and changing the world.

On the industrial front it has come up with the potential of bringing IT and OT together through:

  • Interconnection: The ability of machines, devices, sensors, and people to connect and communicate with each other via the Internet of Things (IoT) or the Internet of People (IoP)
  • Information Transparency: The transparency afforded by Industry 4.0 technology provides operators with vast amounts of useful information needed to make appropriate decisions. Inter-connectivity allows operators to collect immense amounts of data and information from all points in the manufacturing process, thus aiding functionality and identifying key areas that can benefit from innovation and improvement.
  • Technical Assistance: The ability of assistance systems to support humans by aggregating and visualizing information comprehensively for making informed decisions and solving urgent problems on short notice and the ability of cyber-physical systems to physically support humans by conducting a range of tasks that are unpleasant, too exhausting, or unsafe for their human co-workers.
  • Decentralized Decisions: The ability of cyber-physical systems to make decisions on their own and to perform their tasks as autonomously as possible. Only in the case of exceptions, interferences, or conflicting goals, are tasks delegated to a higher level.

Why Trinamix ?

Trinamix has been working on Industry 4.0 since 2017 and has undertaken various initiatives and partnerships to provide an end-to-end offering to its customers. Some of the major initiatives taken by Trinamix include:


Industry 4.0 Lab

Engagement with Oracle

Partnerships :

  • Amplo Global: Amplo is an AI-driven cloud-based platform company that empowers organizations to effectively maximize self-directed strategy, minimize costs and shift funds to innovation, enabling them to invest in new business and revenue models. Together with Amplo we help customers to deliver connected supply chain and manufacturing solutions, leveraging the Oracle suite of products and AI-enabled  (formerly known as DIVA™) platform
  • Intueri Consulting: Inteuri is a strategy consulting firm focused on solving multi-disciplinary boardroom level problems. Together with Inteuri, Trinamix is focused on solving Industry 4.0 challenges in the Indian market.
  • EBSS: Enterprise Business System Solutions Corporation (EBSS) has strong experience in introducing Oracle Applications and the strengths of global staff in Japanese companies. Together with EBSS, Trinamix is focused on solving Industry 4.0 challenges in the Japanese market.
  • Business Brio

Industry 4.0 Lab

Trinamix has built a Centre of Excellence and Lab that drives our focus on the newest and the next wave of disruptive technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Data Science and Factory Automation. This lab focuses on building IoT Cloud applications that solve real-time business challenges.

Trinamix Industry 4.0 Lab

Engagement With Oracle

Trinamix has formed an eco-system with its partners and its relationship with Oracle. Trinamix team participates in

  • Co development of IoT and SCM integration
  • Involved in use case development
  • Own Oracle IOT license to experiment and develop IoT lab
  • Help in Proof of Concept building
  • Establish the edge connectivity
  • Establish Integration between various SaaS and IoT components