Value Chain Planning



The supply chain industry is on a surge and if reports to be believed supply chain management solutions will play a pivotal role in shaping the future outlook of industries such as food & beverages, industrial, health care, electronics, transportation & logistics, automotive, aerospace & defense, etc. Oracle offers leading-edge SCM solutions that can respond to the fluctuating needs of vividly growing supply chain industry.

Trinamix delivers a range of SCM solutions that can help any organization to accurately predict demand and supply, align global operations, and attain revenue and profit goals through a range of best-in-class processes. A complex set of business and IT needs is involved in the decision to upgrade to Oracle ASCP 12.2.5. Trinamix unfolds a best practices approach, weaving together enterprise and technology issues, toward an efficient and productive migration that optimizes the Oracle ASCP 12.2.5 upgrade investment.

Our Expertise

Trinamix is one of the few implementation partners with experience implementing end to end Oracle ERP cloud management for the financial industry. Our expertise supports all business processes, including Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud and Oracle SCM Cloud offerings. Our Fusion Cloud practice is working closely with Oracle to deliver world class solutions to our customers.

Our Offerings

Advanced Supply Chain Planning

It enables to run holistic plans that range from long term aggregate planning to short term detailed schedules.

Demand Management and Forecast Tuning

It enables automated forecast process that concurrently maps demand forecasting against various causal factors.

Strategic Network Optimization

It enables you to plan entire supply network with agility.

Inventory Optimization

It considers demand, supply, constraints, and variability in your extended supply chain to optimize your inventory investment decisions.


Expedite Demand Sensing

Sense demand more quickly and shape revenue for growth.

Improve Responsiveness

Fast analysis of supply chain processes helps to make quick decisions.

Actionable Insights

With real time and historic data, one can drill down the details and gain perceptions.

Improve Visibility and Control

Align and collaborate supply chain according to business goals.