Retail & Consumer Goods



The retail and consumer goods industry is experiencing a profound transformation. This means rethinking how to cater to the smart consumer, placing data at the core of operations, and fostering agility to adapt to market changes. Disruptive technologies and agile market entrants are reshaping shopping habits and lifestyles. As consumer preferences evolve, these companies need to balance current success with future growth. We offer a diverse range of solutions built on Oracle Cloud technologies, guiding retail and consumer product companies to make strategic decisions that ensure business sustainability today while positioning them for relevance in the future. These advanced solutions provide the visibility and scalability needed to implement higher-margin business models, enhance customer acquisition and retention, and enable faster time to market.


Trinamix demonstrates exceptional expertise in implementing end-to-end Oracle Cloud Solutions, enabling retail and consumer goods companies to drive new revenue streams, build brand loyalty, and streamline production and fulfillment. We help reduce technological disparities by offering essential tools for rapid adaptation to industry changes, enabling you to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs. Additionally, these solutions have been precisely designed to improve recruitment and retention of talent, thereby managing and optimizing global people processes.

Trinamix PaaS Solutions and Accelerators:

Prebuilt AI model to optimally recommend investment buy

A mechanism to decompose investment buy for planners

Algorithm simulates to optimally allocate volume to DC

Genetic Algorithm to optimize inventory holding

Contextualization with historical, current & predicted data

Workflows for planners to simulate supply, demand & inventory levels

Create and orchestrate promotion Events

Analyze the promotion’s impact before releasing the promotion

Maintain promotions calendar Approve promotions

Integrate promotions with DM cloud

Generate promotional lift Improved forecast accuracy

Automatic customer data collection

Support collaboration from all Stakeholders

CPRF template

Real-time sell-in and sell thru updates

Real-time scenario planning

Ability to aggregate or disaggregate Data as needed

Ability to override data

A single-user interface for CPRF view

Divide the supply chain into segments

Seamless planning across demand, supply, and inventory

Leverage embedded analytics

Recommendation Exception based planning

Analyze alternatives

Machine learning predictions against actionable decisions

Apply vendor /item-specific business rules for inbound material

Flexible architecture for custom rules

Supports outbound to regional dc, hub, and spoke

Excess inventory deployment

Real-time integration of External Risk with enterprise systems

Weather, Social Media & News data consolidation, and enrichment

Pro-active event management to detect disruptions before they happen

Analytical algorithms to assess disruptions and provide resolution

Advanced visualization dashboard

Success Story

TaylorMade Tees Up Supply Chain For Success

Trinamix helped TaylorMade to optimize Supply Chain Planning Cloud adoption to improve Demand Accuracy, Supply Planning, and efficient Order Promising while co-existing with other on-premises Oracle footprints.

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Success Story

A World Leader in Essential Oils Seeks the Expertise of Trinamix for Oracle Demand Management Cloud with JD Edwards

Trinamix reduced the time taken for the weekly planning cycle cadence, and provided an optimized system that is aligned with the business vision and strategy

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IoT in Retail: Streamlining the Trade Promotions & Demand Planning Process

It is a common practice for big retailers to pile up the discounted stock received at the time of trade promotions and once the sale period is over, they sell the same products at a much higher price to make profits.

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Success Story

A Leading US-based Consumer Goods Company Selected Trinamix for Its End-to-End ERP Initiative Across Multiple Phases

Trinamix eliminated a heavily customized legacy ERP system with dozens of integration points and provided scalability for future business growth and acquisitions.

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% ROI based on cost & price

Demand sensing based on store POS

Improve end-to-end visibility

Analyze the effect of promotion on overall profitability

Better resiliency Indicators and simulation

Advanced Cognitive Intelligence (AI/ML)