Trinamix Supply Chain

Resiliency Control Tower

A comprehensive solution for

proactive risk mitigation


We are in the era of disruptions spinning from climate change, global trade relations, and the pandemic. Sustainability through risk mitigation for a resilient supply chain has become paramount. Access to data to analyze risk, simulate what-if scenarios, and making business decisions based on this analysis will make a more robust and resilient supply chain. Hence data-driven AI-ML-based analytics has proved to be a key success factor for survival and growth.

Hence there is a need for tools for facilitating Supply Chain Resiliency.

Solution Overview

Trinamix Supply Chain Resiliency Control Tower – A solution to mitigate risk from unexpected disruptive events within the supply chain network, and build resiliency by design.

The purpose of the Trinamix Supply Chain Resiliency Control Tower solution is to facilitate supply chain organizations, have access to data and events powered by Cognitive Intelligence to build a robust supply chain

Trinamix Supply Chain Resiliency Control Tower uses the power of AI and Machine Learning of Oracle Analytics Cloud, connect it with market Data, PESTEL data, and data from social media. It is contextualized with customer’s ERP data in the form of a data lake. The result is presented in the form of a dashboard where the user can have events at his fingertips, form simulations, and take proactive actions to mitigate risks that the events may pose to his supply chain.

This solution covers three major areas of focus in this tool

  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing

Trinamix Supply Chain Resiliency Control Tower creates value for organizations by providing customized, ready-to-use intelligence relevant to their supply chain market enabling smarter and informed decisions. It has embedded resiliency by design, contextualizes ERP data with external market and PESTEL data to identify supply chain events, and provides actionable insights in the form of dashboards to proactively mitigate risk. Advanced supply chain analytics empowers supply chain professionals to perform simulations and implement more efficient and sustainable strategies. It harnesses the scalability of Cloud Computing, the speed of the Internet, and the power of Cognitive Intelligence to reduce the time to react and foster resiliency in the supply chain.

Key Features

Real-time integration of External Risk with enterprise systems

Weather, Social Media & News data consolidation and enrichment

Pro-active event management to detect disruptions before they happen

Analytical algorithms to assess disruptions and provide resolution

Advanced visualization dashboard

Trinamix Control Tower for Supply Chain Resiliency is also listed on Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Check it out here.