Service Parts


A comprehensive solution for

managing Service Parts in ERP Cloud/Legacy ERP

Product Overview and Demo


Many businesses across the world deal with heavy machinery or equipment that consumes maintenance materials, and spare parts management is one of the most important considerations to take into account. Having a strong spare parts planning system in place can offer benefits across many different aspects of operations.

Service Parts Planning challenges are usually faced by companies in Industrial Manufacturing, High Tech, Healthcare and Oil & Gas industries. Some of the challenges include:

  • Stringent industry requirements
  • Critical equipment needs to be available immediately and they likely have purchased Service Contracts with same-day fix commitments/ specific ETA for fix
  • Large portion of service parts is business to business (B2B) rather than business to consumer (B2C)
  • Demand is not typically influenced by sales or promotions and Failure Events are Random
  • Right spare parts are in the right place to fix things that break. Building a supply chain network that allows for near immediate, sometimes global availability of key parts
  • High cost of “downtime” are incurred in most of the scenarios

Any Service Parts planning solution typically includes Forecasting, Replenishment Planning, Inventory Planning components, in addition to supporting service specific constructs.

Solution Overview

Trinamix Service Parts Planning (SPP) is comprehensive solution for managing Service Parts in ERP Cloud/Legacy ERP

It is a Complimentary extension to Cloud Planning Suite including Demand, Supply & Replenishment Planning and enhances /introduces some of the key SPP capabilities as given below.

Supercession Modelling in Forward Logistics Flow

  • Complex Supercession Modelling and Visualization
  • Consider Supercession Relationship in Allocation Logic
  • Complex chaining/NPI in Spare Part Forecasting Process based on Supercession relationship

Reverse material flow

  • Incorporate defective supplies in Allocation Logic
  • Plan Repair activity for their repairs and defective repaired to usable inventory by honoring Repair LT, Yield etc.


  • Out of the box Integration with any of Cloud Demand Planning, Supply Planning & Replenishment Planning application.
  • It will also have feature to mass load input data sets like item, Item Relationship, Supply/demand etc through FBDI or can be collected programmatically from any ERP Source inc Fusion ERP.

Key Features

Consideration of Supersession Relationship in Allocation

Consideration of Defective Supplies in Allocation

Consideration of Usable supply in Repair Process

Item Relationship Network Diagram

Review of Demand & Supply based on Top Item

Matrix Report by Top Item to review allocation Calculation

Detailed Pegging Report by Top Item to review allocation Calculation

Generation of Repair Supplies