Allocation Workbench


Do you need to do Lot for Lot Planning? Do you want to supply goods that honors minimum remaining shelf life? Do you need a system that allocates supply based on your business’ custom logic? Trinamix Allocation Work Bench provides customer centric holistic planning and optimization that rapidly and significantly improves supply chain performance along with Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud.

Solution Overview

Trinamix Allocation Workbench (AWB) allows Planners to allocate supplies based on LFL, MRSL or any other custom business practices and maximize Product Quality, meet legal compliance like FDA, and many more direct or indirect advantages. It seamlessly integrates with Oracle SCM Cloud and complements the capabilities of Oracle SaaS ecosystem for Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Hi-tech and Manufacturing industries. You can define set of data in terms of DFFs, EFFs, Lookup Codes, Demand Classes in Oracle Fusion (Or any other Transactional System) or in Oracle Supply Planning Cloud. Trinamix Allocation Workbench extracts the data from Oracle Supply Planning Cloud.

Within the workbench is a highly configurable rules engine that allows planners to specify various criteria to be used for the most efficient allocation strategies. Allocation Workbench is highly configurable tool to run its engine pre or post plan run in Oracle Supply Planning Cloud and merge the desired data along with cloud plan. Trinamix Allocation Workbench engine comes with predefined set of rules like LFL, MRSL, etc. You can use this rules as standalone along with Oracle SP Cloud or can consolidate new business logics along with predefined rules, with minimal efforts, within the intuitive UI of this application.

Based on the rule’s engine, AWB can assign the supplies to specific or all demands. Planners can review the allocation with similar views like Oracle SP Cloud. Planners can also Manually Override the allocation with in AWB, post engine run. Allocation Workbench has also capability to maintain Change Log that can be tailored as per the client need. Many UIs are also available out of the box like Supply Pegging View, Allocation Views, On Hand Analysis Table, etc. that can increase planner’s productivity, data reliability and ease of analysis.

Data flow between Oracle Cloud and Trinamix AWB is part of automation. Hence no user interventions required to create FBDI or Rest Services etc. Planner can use AWB to act on recommendations manually or with integration interface the recommendations generated by Trinamix AWB can be send back to Oracle Cloud as reservations so that Plan run in Oracle SP can honor the allocation done based on business rules and planners can act on recommendations from Oracle Cloud.

Key Benefits

Avoid any supply to expire before consumption

Achieve higher quality grade product by avoiding lot mixes for production

Reduce time and efforts for manual corrections by applying your own custom business logics

Key Features

Respect Minimum Remaining Shelf Life

Lot for Lot Planning

Reservations based Pegging

Seamless Integration to-and-fro Oracle Supply Chain Cloud and any other ERP

Manual Override Capacity to Lot assigned to any Demand

Pegging View available to address BOM level analysis

Trinamix Allocation Workbench is also listed on Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Check it out here.