High Tech and Semiconductor



High-tech and semiconductor companies play a crucial role in propelling global businesses to the forefront of digital transformation. Being pivotal players in consumer electronics, medical devices, telecommunications, and automotive, they impact almost every realm of business dynamics. These industries undergo a dynamic shift because of continuous technological disruptions, evolving consumer preferences, and ongoing geopolitical uncertainties. This makes it essential for organizations to prioritize sustainability and gain visibility as the first step toward ensuring operational resilience and achieving business excellence. As a result, these companies need to reconsider and break away from traditional business norms. We offer a wide range of solutions built on Oracle Cloud technologies, empowering high-tech and semiconductor companies to drive continuous innovation, reduce time to market, and enhance customer satisfaction. These advanced solutions help increase resilience with dynamic what-if scenarios based on short-term and long-term business and financial strategies.


Trinamix has in-depth expertise in implementing end-to-end Oracle Cloud Solutions, enabling high-tech and semiconductor companies to deploy financial and operational strategies. Our know-how enables businesses to identify unforeseen events impacting their performance and attain their desired business objectives. We help customers overcome their technological shortcomings and pave the way to success by providing the necessary tools to navigate changes and innovate without restrictions. These solutions are tailored to drive revenue and margin objectives while meeting the expectations of modern-day consumers.

Trinamix Deep Expertise in the Semiconductor Industry

Integration and Compliance

PLM Integration, export compliance—
Demand management-CRM Integrations, MES Integrations

B2B EDI Integration

B2B-EDI, Flat File, MES, Excel, Rosetta Net Integration

Setups and Planning

Probe Mapping Setups, Binning Planning Setups, Yield Ramp, End Item Substitution, Attribute-Based Planning (Customer-Specific Item), Demand Allocation/Priority, Routing Aggregation, Lot-Level Planning  (Hold, Yield)

Lot Starter and Die Shipment

Lot Starter (Start Report), Die Shipment, Wafer Inputs Report, Binning Report, Quality Reports, Yield Tracking

Semicon Specific Transactions

Semicon Specific Transactions -Payment Based on All/ Good Quantities, Self Billing, Inter-Company

Semicon Special Transactions

Semicon Special Transactions- Smart Scrap, Smart Jump, Wafer ID Management, MRB Process Management, Binning, Attribute Tracking

Trinamix Deep Expertise in the High Tech Industry

Hybrid cloud – Planning /EPM/PLM On Oracle  and non-Oracle ERP


Global Shared Service – Supply chain/ Order Management on top of Multi ERP/Multi BU
EBS and Other Tier2 Based migration  to Cloud



Hybrid cloud – Planning /EPM/PLM On SAP



Integrated Business Planning  and Execution (IBPx) for High Tech customers
GOP, Supplier Collaboration, Backlog Management, Demand Forecasting and Supply Planning, Field Service, Install Maintenance, and Field Service
End-to-end Cloud ERP migration for High Tech companies



Success Story

Juniper Networks saves Inventory Cost of USD 15 MN and improves lead time by 75% using Oracle Cloud, powered by Trinamix

Trinamix helped improve end-to-end planning cycle time and planning frequency to quickly address demand variability.

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Success Story

SiTime adopts Oracle Cloud Applications to streamline Financial and Procurement operations, powered by Trinamix

Trinamix improved end-to-end supply chain visibility, increased operational efficiency, and synchronized, and consolidated contract manufacturing operations.

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Webinar Recording

Where’s My Stuff? Detect, decide, and execute with visibility across your entire supply chain

Demand swings and supply disruptions can leave you scrambling to manage operations, on-time shipments, and customer satisfaction.

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Press Release

Trinamix Wins 2023 Oracle Worldwide Partner Award and 2023 North America Applications
Partner Award for Business Impact

Awarded in the Business Impact Category for the FabConnect Trinamix Semiconductor Industry Solution

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Real-time visibility and Collaboration

Network Design and Optimization

Data Security and Compliance

Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence

Omni-Channel Execution

Integrated Business Planning