High Tech and Semiconductor



Hi-Tech industry has several benefits. It is multidimensional, extended and geographically diverse at the same time. This is because the products are traveling globally nowadays.The organization can get affected in multiple ways due to disarray and divergence in either supply or demand. The disturbances in the organization can be avoided by use of proper tools and strategies. If not used, it can lead to large overheads or customer dissatisfaction. Nowadays, the semiconductor industries are preferring to focus on their core proficiency of designing and getting it manufactured from low cost manufacturing countries. They are making a shift to outsourced model from internal production. This model is a supply chain model called as ‘Fabless’.

Global supply chain, manufacturing partners and distributors spread across the globe

Disconnected tools, e.g. different PowerPoint and Excel for product roadmaps, proposals etc.

Diversified products and services offerings

Managing regulations and compliances


Typical fabless company’s main challenge is to collaborate with all partners. Trinamix helps semiconductor companies with Oracle products to predict demand, guage effect, and respond optimally.

B2B Integration


Demand Planning


Supply Chain Planning


Performance Engagement

Standardized Solution

Fast Integration

Reduced Cost

Success Stories

Juniper Networks is now live with Oracle Cloud Integrated Business Planning driven by Trinamix