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Tax Provision and Country by Country Reporting (CbCR).

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Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud

Oracle Tax reporting is a cloud-based comprehensive solution that provides out-of-the-box reporting for the tax provision, country by country reporting (CbCR), and provides a general platform for process improvement for the corporate tax function. With interactive dashboards Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud allows the user to quickly see the status of multiple tasks. It is a powerful and simple tool which quickly navigates to the operational dashboards, national and regional tax packages and country by country reports. The dashboard gives an overview of tasks that are late, open and completed. This solution also provides an interactive bar and pie charts for reporting. On the compliance dashboard, the user can see more details about the tax close completion process. Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud enables you to calculate, report on, and approve current and deferred taxes at the national and regional level. Perform effective tax planning with accurate analysis of financial data. Key features of this solution help you to generate, analyze, and approve current and future tax requirements with accountability and insights across your global enterprise.

Out-of-the-Box Tax Reporting

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