Trinamix Distribution Workbench

A PaaS based solution for Distribution Planning on Oracle Cloud

Trinamix Distribution Workbench  

Product Overview and Demo


A typical supply chain in the retail of the Consumer Goods industry thrives on the ability to distribute products to the end consumers effectively and optimally. Distribution Planning, therefore, is a key differentiator of the end to end process, providing several opportunities for enhancing the Reach & product availability, while optimizing the total cost within the supply chain.

The Buyer, at a distribution organization, needs to have the right tool at his/her fingertips to make quick decisions for the effective deployment of goods. The goal will be to honor the supplier contracts, avoid stock-outs across the supply chain, consolidate orders, maximize truckloads and reduce inventory cost.

Solution Overview

Trinamix Distribution Workbench – A PaaS based solution for Distribution Planning on Oracle Cloud

Trinamix has developed a PaaS based solution for Distribution Planning, that caters to this specific need. This Workbench allows Planners to consolidate the load based on Vendor Constraints as well as truckload limitations, maximizes the use of resources and leverages the best source for replenishment. It seamlessly integrates with Oracle SCM Cloud and complements the capabilities of Oracle SaaS ecosystem for retail, CPG or Distribution industries.

Trinamix Distribution Workbench extracts the data from Oracle Supply Planning Cloud to extract the plan recommendations. Within the workbench is a highly configurable rules engine that allows planners to specify various criteria to be used for the most efficient replenishment strategy. Various constraints and rules related to order releases and consolidation can be defined within the intuitive UI of this application. Based on the rules engine, DW can auto release the consolidated orders or just provide recommendations. Once released & accepted by the DW consolidated orders can be released to any external system as needed.


Plan Supply Chain Globally

Consolidate planning recommendations across organizations or consolidate within the organization honoring vendor constraints and/or minimum order quantity, amount, weight.

Configurable Plan Horizon

Model plan horizon by supplier based on lead times and material need date

Optimised Sourcing 

Update material sources during uncertainties avoiding stock-outs and plan long lead time items effectively by reducing material handling & transportation cost using Opportunistic Buy.

Release Planning Recommendations

Release planned orders for execution including Mass release across Organizations and/or Suppliers.

Release Planned Orders

Auto / Manual release of planned order for supplier / branch on particular day of the week with an ability to define frequency of ordering (weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.)

Highly Configurable

Highly configurable and intuitive enhancing user experience

Seamless Integration

Integrated with Oracle Supply Planning Cloud

Excess inventory redeployment

Improve inventory turns by deploying or reserving excess inventory between branches

Trinamix Distribution Workbench is also listed on Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Check it out here.