Session Active Solution

for Windows

Solution Overview

Business Value of Solution

Trinamix Session Active (for Windows) is a SaaS based solution for keeping the session active/alive of Oracle cloud application in the Google Chrome as well as Mozilla Firefox browser in the user’s windows machine. Generally, the business users face the issue of session timeout in Oracle cloud application after an interval of 30 mins inactivity while working on multiple tabs or during the long discussions in the meeting.
This solution will assist the business users to conduct the meeting discussion or work on another application without a need to frequently keep the Oracle session active manually. It has a capability to automatically activate the Cloud application in the background, without user to manually intervene. The solution is easy to install and run without any need of technical understanding for the users.

The key features of this Product

  • Easy installation of the packages.
  • Single click utility to keep the Oracle cloud application session automatically active on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser on a Windows machine.
  • The utility will work even if Chrome and Firefox release upgrades.
  • Support will be provided in case the user faces any inconvenience.

Key Features


Downloading the utility from Trinamix portal and unzipping it into the user’s machine to get the required files.



Single click utility to install the required packages needed for execution. It will download Python and Selenium. The packages need to be installed only once in the user’s machine.


Single click utility to launch the Chrome/Firefox browser every time the user needs it. If the browser upgrades itself, the utility will automatically download the required driver version and launch the browser.

Activate Session

Users can then open the Oracle cloud application and the utility will automatically keep the session always active without any human intervention.

Client System Specifications:

Operating System: Windows 8 or higher (64 bit or 32 bit)

Browser: Chrome version greater than 70, Firefox version greater than 52

Packages: Python, Selenium, Chromedriver, Firefoxdriver