Business Intelligence Cloud Service



Oracle BICS is a cutting edge BI software, the future of dashboards and one of the most popular descriptive analytics tools. It interacts with data to create visualizations, dashboards and reports in minutes that helps you to take data driven decisions in your supply chain management, and when you drag data into the visual analyzer it chooses the best visualization and it can be changed any time. It uses sophisticated technique to highlight correlations between visualizations.

Our Offerings

Superior Business User Experience

Through descriptive analytics driven implementation.

Cost Saviour

With unique agile implementation approach.

Proven Industry Knowledge

By former Oracle product development team.

Onsite-offshore Hybrid Model

Ensures cost effective delivery.


Globally Recognized

It is based on proven Oracle BI platform with millions of users worldwide.

Platform Independent

It works with spreadsheets, databases, & cloud data.

On the Go Business Management

Can be connected and used on mobile devices, with drill down capability.

Reduce Cost

Low cost subscription.

24×7 Oracle Support

It is secure with 99.9% up time and support by Oracle, with low cost subscription.

Rich UI

Easy to create dashboards and interactive capabilities around doing analysis on the cloud, tables, scatter plots, grouping, pivoting and time series analysis.