Trinamix One

Scan Application

Providing a complete solution for

equipment movement and validation


Telecom supply chains are incredibly complex and diverse, producing communication equipment and delivering a set of voice, data, and broadband services using wireline or wired infrastructure of cables, networks, servers, computers, and satellites. They rely more on operational excellence and making smart tradeoffs that optimize cost and service levels to accomplish executive-level goals and surpass customer expectations.

They have a multi-echelon supply chain to ensure the right amount of stock at the right location at the right time to successfully align supply with demand at all levels of the supply chain. This means managing thousands of suppliers and customers with unique supply chain risks.

As a result, the telecom industry requires a truly unified platform to accelerate multiple faceted disruptions and improve their overall business processes for a resilient supply chain.

Solution Overview

Trinamix One Scan Application – One-stop-shop for Equipment Movement and Validation

Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service functionality allows rapidly developing and hosting enterprise mobile and web applications using a visual and declarative development environment with integrated agile and collaborative development, version control, and continuous delivery automation.

Trinamix One Scan Application is based on Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service that helps enhance telecom business operations while fulfilling their supply chain needs. It comes with a modern user interface built for ease of use and responsive mobile, tablet, and desktop-based devices. A single application that allows field and warehouse technicians to pick up, return the equipment, and easily manage ad-hoc stock requests.

This application works seamlessly with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/USB scanners and offers real-time integration with ERP, WMS, and peripheral on-premises and cloud systems. It replaces the equipment check-out process that is performed through CRM, service now, and robots, reducing the number of systems to support/maintain and latency in the process. With this app, there is no need for additional access control maintenance – access to the application via Enterprise Single Sign-On and access to warehouse/transaction types controlled by Windows AD roles.

Key Features

Audio-video signals for success or failure of equipment scanning

Serial validation and real-time transactions to eliminate manual efforts

Indicate users in real-time for the incorrect status of equipment

Eliminate duplication of serial scanning and perform auto-correction

Record the source of return statistical analysis and reporting