Shivani Mudgal: From Challenges To Triumph, Breaking Barriers & Exploring The Unknown

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Shivani Mudgal: From Challenges To Triumph,

Breaking Barriers & Exploring The Unknown

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Shivani Mudgal – Associate Vice President, Trinamix Featured in Women Entrepreneur India Magazine Titled as – “Top 10 Indian Women Leaders From Australia – 2023” 

Leadership qualities in a person shine through when faced with adversity. Those that do not give up and instead find ways to combat any challenge life throws at them and emerge on the other side victorious are the real changemakers. Shivani Mudgal, Assistant Vice President and Regional Head (Australia and New Zealand) at Trinamix is an example of exceptional leadership.

Overcoming some of the harshest and most daunting challenges that life can present, she molded her life in ways most will consider inconceivable, embarking on an extraordinary journey full of ups and downs. Moving to a new country, losing a spouse, and raising an infant, while completely reshaping her career path from the medical field to tech-based marketing, starting from scratch, learning the ropes, and becoming an Assistant Vice President, her journey and grit are nothing short of an inspiration. We had the opportunity to converse with her and here are some highlights from that interaction.

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