Sandeep Goyal: Supply Chain Thought Leader and Visionary

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Sandeep Goyal: Supply Chain Thought Leader and Visionary

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Jun 23, 2021

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Sandeep was born and raised in a small town in India. He completed his engineering education from NIT Rourkela, India, which is one of the highest-ranked engineering institutes.

Sandeep is a versatile leader in transforming business through his expertise in multiple skills. He is one of the leading practitioners of the progressive supply chain transformation in the world. He has demonstrated experience in expanding operations to include solutions for complex supply chain problems globally.

Before he founded Trinamix along with his fellow co-founders, Sandeep had opportunities to work in multiple countries like India, Japan, Netherlands, Srilanka, China, Taiwan, and the USA. He also had a great interest in managing finances and already had multiple business entities established.

It is due to the significant contribution of the co-founders and employees that have enabled Trinamix to evolve into a top-tier leader in implementing End to End Supply Chain Management and Supply Chain Planning. In partnership with Oracle, Trinamix has committed to delivering its customers future-ready supply chain management solutions.

“Trinamix was born as a humble yet determined Partner with the goal of improving supply chain efficacy in the marketplace. Soon, Trinamix emerged as the number one partner in the area of Supply Chain in North America due to our dedication, hard work, and passion. Gartner recognizes Trinamix as a top supply chain implementation partner, which we feel is a testament to the hard work the team has put in over the years,” Sandeep echoed Amit, with a humble gesture and great pride.

Trinamix is also known as one of the premier implementation specialists for Oracle Cloud Applications with a global presence. It is known for its unique approach to implementation, which incorporates the best practices for processes and technology together.

Today, Trinamix is a global company that operates in multiple countries, including the US, Japan, Australia, Dubai, Canada, UK and India.

Sandeep has the role of CFO along with managing the back-office operations globally. Sandeep’s experience of working in multiple countries has helped in establishing the offices in the US and other countries as well as managing administration and finance globally. Sandeep also manages the Supply Chain projects for Trinamix key accounts. He believes that this is the best way of being in touch with the technology that helps in taking strategic decisions for the growth of the company.

“Trinamix’s strength is its people. It is their continued passion and hard work that has helped grow Trinamix to a global company and has put it on a strong growth path” concludes Sandeep.

Sandeep has a great interest in Ayurveda and minutely observes Ayurveda’s practices and correlates those practices with scientific facts to explain them in terms of modern medical practices. He recently published an article (shown below) on Virus (including Covid 19) protection that benefitted many people.

Study on Virus with scientific facts and its relevance with Covid-19.

1. Virus structure is RNA and gets killed as soon as it encounters an acidic environment, including fatty acids. The soap contains fatty acids, and this is the reason everybody is advised to wash hands with soap frequently.

2. The virus only becomes a problem when it goes into the lungs. It can enter the lungs only through the mouth or the nose, and the chances of it going through the nose are the highest.

3. A long time ago the USA, Canada, and Europe banned mustard oil for edible consumption because they found a small content of erucic acid in it. Later, many doctors have proved that the content of erucic acid is within the safe limits to consume by humans but that ban continues even today.

If we go back to Indian tradition, it was common practice to apply mustard oil to the nose when going out or having nose issues (dryness, cold, etc..).

So, applying mustard oil to the nose will give first-level protection from any virus, including Covid, due to the small presence of erucic acid and a good presence of fatty acid. This was already in practice for thousands of years so it can be accepted without any hesitation.

You can make a practice of applying mustard oil (Cold pressed oil is better than processed) in the nose during the daytime and desi ghee at the time of sleeping. Desi ghee contains a good amount of fatty acid to kill the virus and helps you to improve sleep well.

Note: I have been practicing mustard oil for almost four years to overcome allergies. It mildly hurts (especially a cold-pressed mustard oil) in the beginning until the nose tissues get used to it.

4. When you get infected by Corona, the virus sits in the nose/throat for 2-3 days before it goes into the lungs. So mustard oil or desi ghee should be able to kill it even if you apply it less often (about twice a day). However, if this initial protection is not working, we can put a drop of lime juice in the nose: the acidic effect of lime juice will certainly kill it.

5. In case the virus still finds a way to get into the lungs, we can take care of it by smelling fumes of desi ghee every day (Desi Cow ghee made with Vedic method is the best). Inhaling ghee fumes is better than the smoke after burning it. With burning most of the fatty acid gets converted into carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen and only a little amount of volatile fatty acid remain in the smoke. However, ghee fumes contain a good amount of volatile fatty acid, which gives a nice fragrance too and kills the virus in the environment as well as in the lungs after inhaling it. Ghee fumes can be produced by putting ghee drops on an ignited object that has no flame.

* To maintain consistency and continuity – It is better to link your routine with something that you do every day in your daily routine. Most people prefer to do it right after taking a bath.

Modern medical science was successful in making a vaccine for smallpox etc.. due to its steady nature. Covid-19 virus keeps changing its properties to form new variants, so vaccines are not the final solution. This will become a trend to keep giving booster shots of the vaccine to people from time to time to cover more and more variants of the virus, and still may not be enough to provide full coverage. So there is a need to go with a permanent solution, rather than a periodic burden on society.

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