Product Recall Management

By November 6, 2020 Blog

Product Recall Management

Objective :

The objective of this blog is to provide an overview of a new PLM solution provided as a part of Oracle Product Management Solution 20D by Oracle.

Business Use Case Scenarios :

  • Healthcare Industries where recalling of defective / faulty parts is required.
  • Business process which involves product recall process.

Product Recall Management :

It is an end to end integrated solution that allows you to recall products from your product Suppliers , Manufacturers , Regulatory authorities and facilitates real time remediation of the same followed by isolation of recalled products and allocation of resources to take necessary disposal or corrective actions.

This product is designed for recall management within Healthcare industries  and supporting business process.

High level offering :

Product Recall Management

Major Features :

Product Recall Management solution has 4 major features

  •  Manage Product Recall Notices.
  • Locate Recalled Parts.
  • Assign task and notify stakeholders.
  • Monitor disposition details and closure of recall notices.

Manage Product Recall Notices.

Major Steps involved

  • Capture recall notices from Suppliers , Manufacturer and Regulatory authorities.
  • Create from User interface, Integrate and Import recall notices from different sources.
  • REST API , FBDI Import is available.
  • Provides guided actions based on status of recall notice.
  • Uses Oracle Search Infrastructure with advanced keyword search , fuzzy matching and multiple search criteria with Boolean operators to retrieve recall notices.
  • Identify and receive automated suggestion on potential duplicates.
  • Publish recall notice for location.

Locate Recalled Parts.

Major Steps involved

  • Locate parts by tracing Lot Number or Serial Number for serial control items in Inventory Management.
  • Based on recall period by buying org and recalling firm for non-serialized items.
  • Based on blanket purchase agreement for description based items.
  • Traceability for In-transit , schedule supply or receiving dock before warehouse shelter.

Assign task and notify stakeholders.

Major Steps involved

  • Assign predefined tasks based on traceability status and replacement type.
  • Delivering recalled parts to isolation centre.
  • Performing recall count and instructions.
  • Disposal from isolation.
  • Generating debt memo.
  • Configure BPM rules to notify responsible users and assignees.

Monitor disposition details and closure of recall notices.

  • Seamless integration for recall count with article inventory and partner solutions like RF-SMART.
  • Inventory count REST service integration with custom application for recall count.
  • Create written order and perform supplier return.
  • Perform scrap disposal against written order independent of PO and receipt.

Benefits of Product Recall Management.

  • Identify and remove potential product recall duplicates using Oracle Service Infrastructure.
  • Reduce risk and time using REST API Integration and FBDI Import.
  • Holistic view of recalled parts with complete traceability.
  • Scalable and seamless integration with RF-SMART.


The Product Recall Management solution provides effective timely remedy process for recalled products based compliance with designated regulations.

For implementation training and documents , kindly refer standard Oracle documents for Product Recall Management.

About Author:-

Shivam Upadhyay is a PLM consultant with 8 years of experience in Oracle Agile PLM and PLM cloud. He has an PLM implementation experience over 10+ projects along with multiple PLM architecture experience across multiple domains.

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