Planning Central Integration with JDE and EBS On-Premise – Trinamix cloud integrated solution built on Oracle PAAS

By November 14, 2019 November 19th, 2019 Blog, Integration, Planning Central

Planning Central R12 coming in near future can be integrated with other ERP solutions with key integrated solutions. Customers can still go with on premise for transactional ERP system and have Oracle Planning Central deployed on cloud.

Trinamix understand the business needs of customers moving to planning central cloud but still wants to retain the EBS or JDE ERP.

This solution will help companies to accelerated adoption of Oracle Planning Central Cloud with a low total cost of ownership and minimal disruption to businesses while taking advantage of all features that this technology has to offer for on premise ERP applications. This solution is leveraging latest technology on Oracle integrated PAAS service.


  • Reduce development life cycle with Integrated solutions
  • Enable security within the integrated layer
  • Minimum data mapping complexity
  • Reduce huge risk of integration failures
  • Fast Implementation cycle and smooth support

Trinamix PC Integration Cloud Service with EBS/JDE ERP let users to connect on both cloud and on-premises applications, and is fully integrated with other Oracle Cloud offerings.

Key Challenges with Integration

  • Data Mapping Complexity-Data mapping is the most complex, time-consuming, and error-prone task in many integration projects.
  • Security- Having different access points and data integration during the development will cause security lapse. Lack of proper security layer in integration code may lead to violating security policies.
  • Large development cycle– Customers spend a lot of time in understanding the development environments that requires massive configuration. Immense time is require on development and maintenance for the integration framework and code.
  • High risk of downtime– One of the challenges is risk of huge loss/downtime in case of integrated API’s, if they do not get synced with application platform.
  • Skilled people during the whole integration: Customers require development teams with technical expertise and handle development challenges.

All the above problems can be addressed with key Integrated solution which Trinamix offers with Justransform Integrated cloud offering for Planning Central cloud.

Key Benefits with Trinamix Integrated Solution of Oracle Planning Central Cloud with JDE and EBS on-premise

  • No infrastructure set up cost – No need to do huge investment in setting up the infrastructure for integration workflow to be up and running. Trinamix will help model the integrated solution along with Planning Central Cloud based on customer business during the implementation phase itself.
  • Intelligent Data Mapping- Integrated solution converts the master data and transaction data from EBS/JDE source into compatible file format. This solution also has an inbuilt intelligent data mapping system to collect data through legacy data collection process with required file format into Oracle Planning Central Cloud. Also, this solution provides an integrated solution for flow of released planned orders into transaction system. Seamless in and out data flow between EBS/JDE system and Planning Central system will ease the life of business planners. Thus, risk of data loss and data errors will be reduced drastically

  • Ready to use technology: This solution with plug and play functionality will help customers to directly deploy the solution and then activate the integration. Customers can easily maintain this solution with very minimal support. They can easily monitor the bottlenecks, monitor errors and see details of each step.
  • Feel secure with the solution: This solution provides a highly secure environment at all levels. This solution is protected while designing with runtime security. The solutions inherit all the security policies such as HTTP Basic or WS Security based authentication as it is built on Oracle PAAS.
  • Smooth data integration process: Trinamix solution with Justransform PAAS technology will help customer remove obstacles at every stage of the data integration –

Setup: Cut the painful cost of setup required for hardware/software to get it up and running with integration workflow.

Develop: Customers have flexibility to use pre-built connections, business processes which will help them configure with ease.

Operate: Customers are always operating on latest technology with very less distribution.

Manage: Easy management with real time data and easy collaboration with all transaction systems.

About the Author

Vamsidhar Reddy Gundam is working with Trinamix Systems as a Principal Functional Consultant. He is currently working on Oracle Fusion SCM implementations. He has 8+ years of functional experience in supply chain management focused on Oracle supply chain planning suite of products.

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