Oracle Warehouse Management System

Simplifying Supply Chain Management


To manage warehouse operations in today’s dynamic world is not an easy task. And if you want to achieve greater efficiency, businesses need advanced warehouse management software to respond quickly. Oracle’s warehouse management system formerly known as LogFire is a modern warehouse application that offers flexible configuration options for a variety of different company’s warehouse scenarios and covers the end-to-end operations of the warehouse. It combines the speed and savings of the cloud with best-of-breed warehouse management and fulfillment capabilities.

Oracle WMS provides unmatched visibility of the inventory across the fulfillment center, stores,3Pls and inventory in transit with real-time data and thus allows companies to move from a flat supply chain approach to a multi-dimensional network approach.

Impact Points

Impact Points

Impact Points

Impact Points

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Our Offerings


Rule based execution of warehouse operations.Directed put away and supports complex picking strategies.
Receive and Cross Dock.Analyze, Reports and Dashboards.
Full support for LPN (License Plate Number).Robust and standalone cloud WMS solution-easily integrates with any parent ERP systems.
Value Added Services, Kitting and Manifest.Best in class RF enabled WMS solution.
Manage dock appointments.Comes with an Integrated Label Designing solution.


Help to reduce inventory costs with real-time inventory visibility.It also supports multichannel demand and execution processes help customers to buy from anywhere, fulfill anywhere, and return anywhere.
Increased warehouse accuracy and manage to lower safety stock levels.Improve customer satisfaction.
Improve labor productivity with system aligned activities.Improves space utilization.
It supports for the elimination of paperwork and manual data entry and material handling units.
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