Oracle Supply Chain Collaboration Cloud – Providing the flip to Supply Chain Network

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Managing and collaborating with suppliers has become all the more important with global, outsourced and contract manufacturing Supply Chain. Engaging with your trading partners closely and getting visibility to the vendor managed inventory, commitment to Order forecasts and progress on contract manufacturing processes, helps in identifying supply chain key risks and issues.

Oracle Supply Chain Collaboration Cloud provides a modern B2B platform with specific applications for Planning Collaboration and Execution Collaboration updates with messaging functionality.

Supply Chain Planning Collaboration

Publish the order forecasts from Supply Planning Cloud to Supply Chain Collaboration Cloud to share the forecast with suppliers and review the updates.

A. Share Order Forecasts to Suppliers.

Figure 1.Publish Order Forecast.

B. Receive Supplier Commitments.

Get the supplier commitments on the delivery of critical parts, assemblies, and raw-materials in response to Published forecast schedule. Efficient and timely collaboration provide scope to identify improvement points and take action.

Commitments by suppliers can be uploaded via spreadsheets, entered online, or shared via messages.

Figure 2(i). Supplier entering commits online.

Figure 2(ii). Supplier uploading commit via spreadsheet.

C. Review Commitments and Alerts.

Track the responses of the suppliers and alerts in case commitments are late or mismatch to forecast.

Figure 3.Manage SupplierCommits.

Supply Chain Execution Collaboration

A. VMI Collaboration

In-case where inventory is managed by suppliers, Supply Chain Collaboration Cloud provides complete details regarding on-hand, Open Purchase Orders, Purchase Requisitions, Shipments in Receiving and In-Transit Shipments to help suppliers do replenishments as needed and prevent Stock-outs.

Figure 4. Supply Lines Overview.

B. Trading Partner Configuration

Define and manage the Supplier relationships and communicate by exchanging B2B messages. Visualize and collaborate with the network partners globally.

Figure 5 (i). Configure Supply Collaboration Network

Figure 5 (ii). Manage Supply Collaboration Network

C. Monitor Supplier Performance.

Keep yourself updated with the recent updates to the supply chain and status of the messages and any errors. Review reports and take timely actions to manage a profitable supply chain.

Figure 6 (i). Supply Chain Collaboration Overview

Figure 6 (iii). Historical Performance by Supplier Report

Using Oracle Supply Chain Collaboration Cloud, one enhances the participation from supply network partners in the decision-making and collectively work towards resolving any identified deviations or mismatch.

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Prashul Agrawal is working in Solution Architect role at Trinamix Inc. He is a Supply Chain Management Professional with over 11 years of IT and Manufacturing experience working with cross-functional and cross-cultural teams. He has designed solutions for several industry verticals and business functions, with a focus on SCM and Manufacturing.

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