Oracle Order Management Cloud: Better Order Entry Process leads to Higher Customer Satisfaction & Better Profitability

By November 18, 2019 November 19th, 2019 Blog, Oracle Order Management Cloud

By Lokesh Rathi

In the world of information – businesses are trying to analyze every single detail to enhance the customer experience. Businesses are collecting every piece of information across the supply chain. The data flow which starts from one end of the supply chain with customer order entry- flow across the supply chain. With today’s wide and intricate supply chains, order entry process has become more complex and data intense. Be it channelizing the sales effort to the competitive advantage or deriving the demand for customer satisfaction or doing the simulation with real-time information to makes the supply chain more dynamic and responsive – all require effective & accurate order entry data.

Oracle Order Management Cloud taking away complexity from Order Entry

In the new data-driven world – the role of the customer service department has significantly increased. Oracle Order Management Cloud has tremendously helped the organization in these high-pressure jobs to achieve their target keeping the security and sanctity of system & data intact. The Data keep flowing from various sources required standardization for further analysis and deriving KRA’s. A welcome change from EBS R12 to Oracle Cloud – It is taking away control of random customization at order entry. These random customizations if not done properly without a thorough validation will lead to data corruption and poor analysis.

With the new capabilities in Oracle Order Management Cloud – business can fetch data from various sources and configure standard Oracle business rules along with transformation rules in order to get required data with standard/common definitions.

Below figure illustrate a high-level flow of sales order data from various sources to the structured format in Oracle Order Management Cloud:

EDI Integration with Oracle Cloud: Automation for Seamless & Effective Order Entry

Most of the supply chain processes are required to choose between effectiveness & delivery. EDI Automation is one of the most value-adding activity for order entry along with Oracle Cloud. Whereas fusion multilayers ensures data correctness & effectiveness, EDI automation ensures excellent performance for order entry without manual intervention. This will enable business to connect on a common platform and have a better compliance with all trading partners. EDI Integration ensures the volumetric growth of the business will not increase the cost of effective order entry.

Value Addition for Order Capture or Order Entry using OM Fusion

Benefits with the introduction of various layers:

  • Order entry has become smooth by capturing demand from various channels, sources along with user-friendly UI. This would help in keeping standard definition across sources.
  • More validations introduction at different point of order entry – pre-validations, post validations, at the time of saving order.
  • Different standard or custom orchestrations process according to the need and design will enable better coordination with different business functions.
  • Rule-based transformation of data help in enriching data for better visibility, reporting and data analysis.
  • An easier process of integration with source systems and downstream systems using web services.
  • Status updates at various stages & interface exceptions would have better visibility.


Oracle Order Management Cloud is already introduced as a phenomenal tool for order entry and fulfilment process. This is the reason why more & more customers are opting for it to handle their complex order entry process more efficiently & effectively. Along with EDI automation, it gives a valuable push at the start of the supply chain process. A good start will win half of the battle and Oracle Order Management Cloud is achieving as expected.

About the Author

Lokesh Rathi is a passionate supply chain practitioner with a successful track record in consulting various supply chain strategic, long term and tactical planning solutions. He is a thought leadership-oriented contributor. Avid learner of new supply chain challenges and solutions adapted across the industry.

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