Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud: Powerful Tool for Marketers for a Unique Customer Experience

Today, every business revolves around customer needs. Marketing ecosystem is getting complex day by day, the Customer Experience is broken. As per Blue Research, 94 percent of customers have unsubscribed their communication with the company because they receive irrelevant promotions and messages.

In addition, according to research by Forrester, marketers are struggling big time, 82 percent of enterprise marketers have no synchronized view of customer data. As a result, marketers are bombarding more content to the customers in the form of white papers, campaigns, promotions, sales calls, webinars etc. It is time to take marketers a different approach.

However, we cannot deny the fact, the content is increasingly driving marketing communications. According to a survey report published by Oracle, nearly 82 percent of B2B buyers have less time to devote reading and research. Email is the best-proven way to reach the target audience. Email Marketing is used by numerous businesses globally. Thus, companies are looking for the one-stop solution of all day to day marketing challenges.

Oracle Marketing Cloud

Oracle Marketing Cloud is a comprehensive set of marketing solutions that enable effective development and execution of responsive marketing and publishing programs across channels.

Oracle Marketing Cloud is comprehensive suites of marketing tool govern by 3 marketing principles –

  1. Customer Centricity – Deliver exceptional customer experience across channels.
  2. Marketing Simplicity – Optimize execution with effective cross channel marketing.
  3. Enterprise Ready – Scalable and Integrated solution

Oracle Marketing Cloud products include –

  1. Oracle Eloqua – Demand generation, email management, lead management tool
  2. Oracle Responsys – Single platform to manage all marketing interactions throughout the customer’s lifecycle
  3. Oracle BlueKai – Empowers marketers with tools to understand entire customer journey, target more precise and effective media campaigns
  4. Oracle Maxymiser – Advanced website testing and personalization solution
  5. Oracle Infinity – Analytics solution that harnesses big data and works in real time to collect, process, and deliver actionable customer intelligence at scale

Oracle Eloqua Marketing Basic Cloud Service is the most comprehensive marketing automation solution for campaign creation, lead generation, and

measuring success. This tool is designed in such a way that marketer can target right customer at right time with right messaging. Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Service makes easy to create compelling marketing campaigns without requiring any technical skills or costly agencies.

Above is the homepage of Oracle Eloqua Homepage, marketers can get all the relevant information of their past activities on a single screen. One can access their recently accessed campaigns and functionalities. Moreover, it gives easy settings for customized shortcut keys.

Key capabilities of Oracle Eloqua Marketing Basic Cloud

  • Sales Enablement – Crucial data points of email campaigns, helps to increase sales awareness and effectiveness leads to meaningful sales conversations
  • Lead Nurturing – Capabilities such as personalization, activity-driven content, triggered emails for sending right information at the right time. This results in better deliverability, better brand awareness, deeper engagement, and increased sales
  • Data and Integrations – Pre-built integrations with usable marketing tools. Additionally, it offers easy API integrations based on an organizations custom business requirement
  • Segmentation – Enables personalized list creation to simplify the campaign execution process, without the assistance of technical teams
  • Omni Channel and Multi-Component – With campaign canvas (as shown in below screenshot), marketers can design the multi-level campaigns using various components and communication channels (such as case studies, whitepaper etc.) of email campaigns which ultimately helps to evolve the organization marketing sophistication

Source: Oracle

  • Lead Quality and Management – With valued data points of campaigns, Eloqua synthesize lead score which helps in synchronizing marketing and sales activities
  • Reporting and ROI – Eloqua offers pre-configured end to end extensive and usable reporting tool, in addition, marketers can get customized reports based on specific business needs. Reporting tool enables effective quantification of data points for better ROIs

Eloqua is now recognized as the easiest and most powerful marketing automation solution on the market. With Oracle Marketing Eloqua Cloud Service, marketers can do personalized messages for deepening relationships with customers.

Being an Oracle Platinum Partner, Trinamix has rich experience in Oracle Cloud Applications. Trinamix helps organization to implement customized Oracle Marketing Cloud to help businesses to run effective campaigns.

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