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The recent success stories on ‘Oracle Planning Central Cloud’ makes a compelling case for Global Complex Product planning teams to approach a centralized planning architecture in Cloud. Oracle’s legacy planning module – Material Requirements Planning (MRP) – started a decentralized approach. Successfully, Oracle shifted toward a centralized approach with Cloud Supply Chain Planning modules – Planning Central (PC) – Supply Chain Planning (SCP) – Demand Planning (DP) – Sales and Operations Planning (SOP). Thanks to the internet and cloud technology’s robust security and advancements, Oracle pushed towards that paradigm shift and can now provide centralized planning and control operations on cloud using planning central cloud. The latest release 19A and envisioned features of Planning Central Cloud is a powerful platform to setup centralized supply planning.

Oracle Cloud BI makes Planners happy

The success of cloud adaptation stories starts with a powerful flexible UI layer well suited for tactical and strategic decision makers. Like discussed here in our success story. Enabling planners and stake holders to manage the supply chain constraints and demand fulfilment. Giving the planners power to customize their dashboard without need to technical team support goes a long way in visualizing and adapting the solution easier. It makes selling the solution a lot intuitive and easy for users to interact with solution early in adaptation cycle.

Oracle Central Implementation Team adds value faster

The advantage of such UI experience, best practices like Just In Time (JIT), Demand Shaping and faster user adaptation means the implementation team gets to achieve key results faster than ever. With Constant support and review with Oracle’s Customer Success Manager and Product Development Team interaction the Implementation Team sees faster issue resolutions and easier maintenance. Technology burden is less and business value addition is more due to this control mechanism. When the implementation team also brings in rich experience in solution architecture, the experience is satisfying to make a great success story.

Oracle Planning Cloud’s Return on Investment

The advantage of such faster and cleaner implementation leads to a strong value proposition with less time taken to achieve the ROI. Data, Process, User adaption and Tool comes together to create a success story. Trinamix being a Platinum Oracle Partner has enabled several Industry niche solutions to be migrated to cloud successfully by having a streamlined methodology. A single bad season of sales in a complex environment can create an environment of mistrust and toxic “work environment” impact across decentralised teams. Saving it sooner means preserving the team’s morale as well as gaining market share at strategically important time. Especially with Global cue’s on economic factor one can’t afford a bad quarter these days with tough competitive market.

Oracle Planning Central Cloud future

With Oracle embracing Cloud heavily leading to a huge investment in this solution, customers stand to benefit with frequent updates and additions to the

planning engine’s sophistication for higher accuracy and control of supply chain risk caused by variability of demand and supply. In a expanding market Planning Team stands to benefit with less burden on technology and more focus on predictive analysis on future constraints and mitigation of such risks.


Successful start on a powerful platform, and with more sophistication in best practices coming to cloud, one can only expect more Industry wide success for current/future customers.

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