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By November 18, 2019 November 19th, 2019 Blog, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Adoption of Oracle Cloud increasing rapidly due to multiple factors. Customers started moving their instances, infrastructure etc. to Oracle Cloud and balancing their expenses capital as well as operational cost.

With various bullet features viz. scalability, security, disaster recovery (DR) ease and various tools for integration and migrations and cloud adaption have become easier. Customers have started thinking one step ahead and expectation bar has been raised. Now, companies are looking for automated and flawless solutions for smooth business runs.

Although, with cloud adaption there are challenges and the biggest challenge with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) as of now is skills and expertise. We need to have a strategy and flawless EBS migration for the customer and for the same we need to have better and clear understanding of OCI capabilities, out of the box thinking on the implementation and the integration. We have to be with Oracle updates and features and changes that are getting added to OCI and how to utilize the same for the solution.

Many new features added recently to OCI:

  1. Transit Routing
  2. NAT Gateway, Service Gateway, Storage Gateway
  3. Disaster Recovery (DR) setup

Autonomous Database will take database to next level altogether and have come up with many features which are automated and make DBA’s to focus on other aspects and contribute to excellence and avoid day-to-day repetitive activities.

Autonomous Database (ATP and ADWC) supports all standard Business Applications.

Enterprise applications – Peoplesoft, JD Edwards, and EBS have experiences growth in the adoption of cloud which directly shows the Oracle Cloud success capabilities and maturity. With exclusive features of Oracle Cloud viz. RAC support, automatic DR setup, Cost, the unique design of the network and compute layer, hardware isolation etc. gives a boost for the adoption of OCI.

With OCI, we need to understand the underlying concepts as well as EBS capabilities on OCI. EBS Cloud manager tool, capabilities of DEVOps for automation, integrations all collectively provide smooth and enrich experience on cloud.

Here at Trinamix, we have certified and expertise team on OCI capabilities for migration and implementation, leadership for understanding project execution, out of box solution by experts and hassle-free and prompt support post-migration.

Trinamix Infrastructure team is fully equipped and have expertise at:

  1. Implementation of enterprise application at OCI
  2. Lift and Shift to OCI from on-prem, other cloud vendors with minimum downtime.
  3. Cross-platform migrations to OCI
  4. Automation – DevOps with DBA capabilities.
  5. Hybrid solution management and monitoring

Amit Pancholia

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Amit Pancholia is a technical architect (DBA) at Trinamix Inc. He has more than 15 years of experience as a DBA and specialized in the areas of VCP/VCE DBA, ASCP, Demantra, APCC, OTM. He is very passionate about new technologies; he is acquainted with numerous technology Oracle Apps DBA, Fusion Middleware, SOA, Identity Management, Cloud Technologies (Oracle, AWS)

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