Molly Chakraborty: Disruptive Thought Leader

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Molly Chakraborty: Disruptive Thought Leader

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Fortune India magazine
Edition – November 2020

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“ The role of a woman is evolving, and women adapt to these changes in every generation.”

Molly Chakraborty, Co-Founder and President  Trinamix reveals how by harnessing their leadership qualities and continuously evolving in a rapidly changing world, women can create long-lasting impressions that advance society.

Please share with us something of your journey as a woman entrepreneur.

I grew up in independent India in the 70s amidst many exciting changes. Building a modern India, supporting women’s education, and defining human rights was what I witnessed in my youth in the post-independence era. Hailing from a family where women of my generation were the first to pursue the higher echelons of education, opting for engineering as a career was a bit unusual but not surprising. I graduated with a gold medal in Electrical Engineering from Jadavpur University. I went to the US to pursue a Ph.D. on Artificial Intelligence at the University of Maryland, but for personal reasons left mid-way to return to Kolkata to take care of my son who was just a toddler. I began my working life with Tata Consultancy in India and later went on to join the Oracle corporation in the US as a product development manager. At Oracle, I was a thought leader of a strategic product in the supply chain space. In the latter half of 2008, powered by this vision of starting something of my own, I became an entrepreneur. We started Trinamix, a US-based company that would help customers of Oracle make digital transformation in their enterprise systems.

What is Trinamix and what are its special offerings?

Trinamix was started with a vision of shaping the market in the wake of the millennium by inheriting the best of the past, applying the present, and recreating the future. Thus, creativity, passion, and nimbleness became an intrinsic part of our DNA. We are the change agent and inculcate a culture of excellence in our customer’s journey of digital transformation using Oracle solutions, including Supply Chain Planning, Enterprise Systems, Supply Chain Execution, Data Analytics and IoT/Blockchain.

What kind of clients does Trinamix serve?

We serve verticals like life science, industrial manufacturing, semiconductor, consumer packaged goods, hi-tech, distribution both in mid and upmarket in the US, Japan, Australia, Canada and the UK.

 How do you keep up the pace with changing market trends?

We create value by sensing the market, harnessing technology and harboring new ideas. Disrupting the status-quo where needed is our genetic make- up. We have tapped into IoT, Blockchain and data analytics using cloud computing to deliver solutions of the future to the industries today. Our RPA based accelerators, our supply chain resiliency control tower powered by cognitive intelligence, and our zero latency supply chain solutions using blockchain are some of the concepts that help us and our customers stay ahead of curve.

Do you feel women today face equal competition in the workplace?

In an ever-changing society powered by technological and socio-economic advances, the role of a woman is evolving, and women adapt to these changes in every generation. I believe that each woman has her right to define her pursuit of happiness in life. As more and more women take charge of leadership roles, they create long-lasting impressions that advance society.

How are you giving back to society (CSR)?

We sponsor food for the homeless, beautification of the city of Pune and after school help for the needy. On a personal front, I am currently working on planning a program for education on STEM among the slum-dwelling girls of India.

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