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Do you remember when you bought your first iPhone? Without knowing that may have been marked in your calendar as one of the most important days of your life. I remember when I was 5 years old father bought a refrigerator and that changed our way of life. I also remember exactly 10 years back I was carrying my well-cherished iPhone 3 and an enthusiastic fellow traveler at the airport made two circles around me and asked, “You have an iPhone?” There was a high level of excitement in his tone as well as his movements. Such is the power of a gadget and a brand today. We all very passionately possess our gadgets and for the right reason too. They form an integral part of how we exist, communicate, and live our social or professional lives and the way we teach our children.

You must have imagined the profound work done behind bringing this iPhone, the kindle, or the Fitbit to your hand. It takes several designers and engineers’ hard toil and imagination to convert the ideation from a concept to a product. Manufacturing starts at least a year or two in advance. Several critical components to make the product arrives in a year from suppliers spread out across the globe. Finally, Apple or Amazon has to figure out how many millions are eagerly waiting to buy the product.

As consumers are becoming more and more demanding innovative ways are emerging to cater to the market needs. Business solutions like Lean Supply Chain, Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment,

Predictive Trade Planning are ways to provide optimal solutions of complex problems in supply chain.

Some of the retailers are revolutionizing and redefining the concepts of consumerism. To give some examples, Amazon has created several distribution hubs in the neighborhood of large cities across the country to minimize the time between your order placement and when the product shows up at your doorstep. Amazon is a pioneer to perform Clickstream analysis to predict at what point of online surfing a consumer is close to buying the product and uses this information to replenish a local distribution center. Apple uses “Recommender System” to organize their stores to cross-sell related products.

IOT enabled supply chain can be used to boost efficiency, save cost and increase asset velocity through enhanced transparency, visibility and insights. Digitized intelligent real time supply chain has arrived causing digital disruptions to make decisions autonomously to bring efficiency in every walk of supply chain.

Big data and AI has further enhanced the possibilities and opened up enormous opportunities to make consumer experience even better. Product companies are constantly innovating utilizing latest technology to provide best -in-class solutions for business process transformation.

Oracle’s integrated cloud based products on Innovation Management, Supply Chain Planning and Forecasting, Inventory Cost Management system based on IOT are aiding industries to transform their business towards lean and real time supply chain. Trinamix helps the industries adopt Oracle ERP solution, supply chain management and planning with best practices.

Ten years back we the would-be partners of Trinamix realized that there was a need for entities that provided solutions in this space particularly with the novelty of Oracle products. Some of us coming from Oracle product development background and some the industry experts, we felt that merging with our unique experience will give us the best vantage point to provide a solution and influence the industry.

Since that time, we have strived to make an impact in the growing and all-encompassing field of planning in supply chain. Our mission to contribute to the industry and provide excellent service has taught us as much as it has allowed us shape the way in which planning and other solutions implemented for both the leaders and laggards in the market.

Trinamix helped Facebook in automating its datacenter planning. Today Facebook has 2 Billion users who upload on an average 300 Million photos, and share close to 5 billion pieces of content every day. Facebook Data centers are all across the globe holding this volume of data and co-locating its users.

To support the ever-increasing data volume, data center planning at Facebook has been one of the most challenging tasks its supply chain planning team has to solve. FB used Oracle Demand Planning product to automate this. The implementation was a unique way of using this Oracle product for Datacenter planning and place order for the entire hardware system in just one click. This was one of the high profile implementations for Facebook and Trinamix implemented in a record time of 4 months. According to Oracle, this is one of the most innovative way of using the Oracle product. Trinamix was chosen as an implementation partner owing to its reputation in the valley and among Oracle community. Facebook co-presented this story with Trinamix at several marketing forums including Oracle OpenWorld.

The project helped Facebook to perform the task of simulating change of configuration of the hardware system in matter of minutes, chose the most cost-effective supplier, approve the decision and create the complete Purchase Order for the entire system in a few hours, a task that used to take Facebook several days if not weeks before. This implementation like many others demonstrated how Trinamix with its state of the art implementation methodology and innovation can take a customer problem and an Oracle product and take it to a level never thought before to provide highest ROI to the client company.

We have been pondering how we want the next ten years will look like for Trinamix. Market is going towards the areas of Big Data, Analytics, IOT and Machine Learning and the product companies are innovating their products around these concepts. There is an exciting path ahead of us and we are ready to make our contribution.

Molly Chakraborty

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Molly Chakraborty is co-founder and managing partner of Trinamix Inc. Earlier in her career, Molly worked with Oracle as a thought leader in technology and application of Oracle products. Molly is a gold medalist from Jadavpur University. She has demonstrated leadership in successfully enabling major SCM and Manufacturing

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