JCDecaux adopts Oracle Project Financials (Costing) Cloud to enable seamless integration between finance systems and gain real time insights on budget costs

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JCDecaux adopts Oracle Project Financials (Costing) Cloud to enable seamless integration between finance systems and gain real time insights on budget costs

Client Industry 


Oracle Modules Implemented

Oracle Project Financials Cloud (Costing)



Client Background and Business Context

JCDecaux is the largest outdoor advertising company worldwide. The company was founded in France and has expanded aggressively in several countries. With 13,040 employees the Group is present in more than 80 countries around the world. JCDecaux has been the only international player focused exclusively on outdoor advertising, developing 3 areas of business: street furniture, transport advertising and billboard advertising.

JCDecaux tracked costs across two different finance systems and in spreadsheets. Costs for Assets, General and IT projects were managed through the Oracle General Ledger. There was a need to improve the reporting and control over capital expenditure reporting.

The client also wanted to facilitate one finance system and the close of the existing ABM finance system. They needed to Improve the data entry process for labor capitalization.

Lastly, there was a need for control and access to sensitive information in the current excel driven data gathering and preparation.

Trinamix Solution:

Trinamix was engaged with JCDecaux in Australia and successfully implemented Oracle Project Financials (Costing) Cloud. Following were some of the key highlights:

  • Project financials to track costs from Procurement and Payables for project related expenses
  • Bulk upload of project costs from external sources using spreadsheet capabilities
  • Workflow based approvals for both project creation and budget creation
  • Enabling budgets to track variances for both internal and external projects
  • Collaborative planning to support project management activities
  • Customization of SLA to suffice accounting and reporting requirements
  • Custom reporting and dashboards for advanced board room reporting

Key Benefits

Seamless integration between procurement, payables, assets and general ledger
Real time insight for actual versus budget costs
Drill down through assets and general ledger to project costs for deeper insights
Smooth financial planning and administration for capital and non-capital projects
Scalable solution to support future implementations of self-service procurement and inventory
Automatic generation of customized reports to track project details and variances

About Trinamix

Trinamix is one of the premier implementation specialists for Oracle Cloud Applications with a global presence. Known for its unique approach of implementation that incorporates best practices for processes and technology, Trinamix is a leader in implementing End to End Supply Chain, Supply Chain Planning and Industry 4.0 Solutions. Together with Oracle, Trinamix is committed to delivering its customer’s future-ready supply chain management.

Trinamix is headquartered in he USA and with a global presence across the UK, Canada, Japan, India and Australia

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