Industrial Manufacturing



In the dynamic landscape of today’s ever-growing disruptions, industrial manufacturing is at the forefront of embracing new technologies and showcasing a commitment to innovation. These disruptions include challenges from tech-driven entrants, the decoupling of global business operations, and the demand for innovative products to achieve net-zero emissions goals. The industry is also being shaped by shifting consumer preferences, a shortage of skilled labor, and evolving distribution models. To remain competitive, these organizations need to seamlessly integrate new business models and proactively invest in technology for faster adaptation. We offer a diverse multitude of solutions built on Oracle Cloud technologies, enabling manufacturing companies to improve production efficiencies while reducing costs. With our advanced solution offerings, we help manage your complex mix of distribution channels, diverse products, pricing structures, profit margins, and operational processes.


Trinamix has in-depth acumen in implementing end-to-end Oracle Cloud Solutions, empowering industrial manufacturing companies to efficiently set up, manage, execute, and cost their production operations while supporting in-house manufacturing activities of standard products for both discrete and process manufacturing. With deeper insights, we can help analyze productivity and efficiency so that you can instantly respond to changing trends and improve quality across the board. These solutions have been specifically designed to optimize workforce planning to attract and nurture talent and respond quickly to ever-changing demand, supply, and market conditions.

Trinamix PaaS Solutions and Accelerators:

Component lot allocation algorithm

Audit trail/ changed history tracking

Plan/build instruction

Import from planning systems

Start/slit/trim production optimization

Detailed lot genealogy

Inbuilt adapter for Oracle SCM cloud

Advanced manufacturing and planning master data management

Built on Oracle Analytics Cloud

Supplier Risk Score-Carding

Predictive Insights on OTIF Delivery, Quality, and Yield

Real-time Integration of External Risk with Enterprise Systems

Notify External Risk

Analytical Algorithms to Assess Disruptions and Recommend Efficient Alternates

Integration between SCM Cloud, IOT, Production

Monitoring, AIMFG, IOT Asset Monitoring

Co-development of IoT and SCM integration

Involved in use case development

Own Oracle IOT license to experiment and develop IoT lab

Customer POC and Help in Proof-of-Concept building

Predictive Models and Establish the edge connectivity

Establish Integration between various SaaS and IoT components

Optimal inventory Spending

Guarantee high service levels at lower cost

Governance and Process Optimization

Prediction of OTIF delivery and Optimal Safety Stock sizing

Guarantee high service levels at lower cost

Digital Supply Chain Twin

Eliminate Waste and Bottlenecks Across the Network

Multi-echelon Perspective to Enhance the Overall Value

Prescriptive Analytics on Dynamic Adjustments

What if Scenarios and Simulations

Adaptive Demand Driven Approach

Informed Decisions Through Scenario Planning

Success Story

Australia’s Leading Manufacturer of Windows and Doors Selects Trinamix for Oracle End-to-End ERP-SCM-CX Cloud Implementation

Trinamix eliminated manual work and achieved faster revenue recognition with accurate reconciliations.

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Success Story

A leading North American Glass Manufacturer Seeks the Expertise of Trinamix to implement Oracle Demand Management Cloud and Oracle Supply Planning Cloud

Trinamix provided a user-friendly system that would improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the planning process.

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A leading Coffee Brewing Equipment Manufacturer implements Oracle Planning Cloud integrated with JDE ERP, powered by Trinamix

We eliminated end planning cycle time and frequency to quickly address demand variability.

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Webinar Recording

Unleash the Power of Oracle Cloud for the 3D Manufacturing Industry

Discover how Divergent 3D is leveraging Oracle Cloud in its transformation journey.

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Enhanced visibility across the entire supply chain for improved transparency

Achieve high service levels with minimal inventory through efficient management

Accelerate time-to-market for products with a focus on speed

Maximize On-time In-Full (OTIF) performance for reliable order fulfillment

Optimize inventory in response to uncertain demand, improving efficiency

Inventory reduction strategy to eliminate excess products, free up warehouse space, save costs, and boost profits