Transportation management systems simplify the planning and execution of physically moving goods across supply chains. They help organizations control transportation costs, improve internal efficiencies, and secure transport capacity. Oracle Transportation Management Cloud Service supports the needs of both shippers and logistics service providers by combining ease of use with sophisticated logistics functionality. It creates an information “bridge” across functional silos, geographic regions, and business units, helping your entire organization gain visibility into supply chain flows, transportation modes, and geographic areas—both domestic and international. Oracle supports multiple languages, currencies, units of measure, and business functions across regions, simplifying global operations within one, cohesive transportation management solution.

Oracle Transportation Management Cloud enables you to effectively manage transport orders, efficiently plan and monitor shipments, and optimize shipping options across all modes including FTL, LTL, parcel, rail, ocean , air, and more. In addition, you can compare costs so you can bundle shipments based on destination and load type. Managing complex schedules, modes, routes, and shipments is much easier and more efficient using the powerful capabilities of Oracle Transportation Management Cloud:

1. Reduce logistics costs by optimizing shipments across all modes of transportation.
2. Improve transportation execution for all orders and shipments.
3. Minimize freight cost leakage across payment, billing, and auditing functions.
4. Consolidate transportation orders from multiple sources.