EBS Cloud Manager – Automation Reloaded

Automation is now the buzz word in the industry and many repetitive activities are now getting automated so we can focus on development and enhancements.

E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure automation which is via Cloud Manager. A new tool based on GUI and have capabilities to Manage EBS. Currently, this tool has limited features but Oracle has plans to enhance this and many advanced features are going to be added soon to make DBA life smooth and easy.

Oracle released EBS Cloud Manager, a tool through which you can manage E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This tool can be used to Create, Manage, Configure Oracle application on OCI.

Cloud Manager is used to maintaining the list of environments created and we can take the backup and see the history of backup too along with activities performed


Provisioning via Cloud Manager gives 2 options –

Simplified Provisioning of EBS: Where preset topologies are defined and we can select and perform quick provisioning.

Advance Provisioning of EBS: Here we can define our own topology to provision EBS and is useful in case of complex architecture design. Here we get the option to create the Instance using a backup of the database as well and we can define the backup policies too.

Lift and Shift using Cloud Manager

We can move the on-premises instance to Cloud using Cloud manager. Cloud manager is capable of creating an instance from the object storage backup. It uses new backup utility which is known as EBS Cloud Backup Utility, as a standalone tool for taking EBS backup to object storage and needs to be run on source environment.

  • Clone Environment

    One of the most common activity for DBA is Cloning and with this tool, it can be done quickly and conveniently. As of not only Compute clone can be done which will be blocked volume cloning or fast cloning methodology

  • Delete Environment

    An environment created may need to be decommissioned when not needed. The easy way to decommission the environment and release the resource involved and this will further reduce your cloud cost. All this can be done easily using Cloud Manager.

    Future Roadmap of EBS Cloud Manager

    If we see the Roadmap what is going to be added to EBS Cloud Manager here is the expected list

EBS Cloud Manager is one of the best tool to manage multiple Oracle application instance and with planned enhnacements this will be the single tool to provision, manage, migrate and integrate E-business suite.

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Amit Pancholia is a technical architect (DBA) at Trinamix Inc. He has more than 15 years of experience as a DBA and specialized in the areas of VCP/VCE DBA, ASCP, Demantra, APCC, OTM. He is very passionate about new technologies; he is acquainted with numerous technology Oracle Apps DBA, Fusion Middleware, SOA, Identity Management, Cloud Technologies (Oracle, AWS)

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