Creating a Sample BI Report in Oracle Cloud with Excel Template

In our day to day life reports became a major part which helps us to overview of some information, activities, status, and calculations. Especially in ERP platforms like Oracle Cloud, report plays a vital role and more powerful to see data in all departments.

BI Reports fulfill all user report requirements in Oracle Cloud. When the user needs to see information, which includes more calculations especially in finance modules, excel template is the one-stop solution for reporting purpose.

Likewise, RTF layout design in Microsoft Word. Excel template will be designed in Microsoft Excel with the desired layout. A user can see data with calculations like add, average, etc. With minimum knowledge of Microsoft Excel, the user can play around functions in Excel. Also, the user can create multi-sheet excel reports in a more sophisticated way using Excel template.

Steps to create sample report and excel template in Oracle Cloud

Step 1: Create a data model with a sample query in Oracle Cloud.

Navigation for data model in oracle cloud instance


Step 2: Write a sample query and generate XML from the output and save the data model. Click on export to generate the XML file.



Step 3: Open new Excel file and load XML data through BI Publisher Add on.

  • Step 4: Start creating a layout with column headings

  • Step 5: Go to BI Publisher -> Field -> Add the Respective fields from popup into the cell where required clicking on INSERT on the column.

Once all columns added in the row, repeating group needs to be added by selecting the required columns.

New Dialogue box will pop up, select the group in ‘For-each’ column and check the box shows ‘Absolute Path’.

Save the excel.

Step 6: Test the output by clicking on Excel on Navigation bar.


Step 7: Go back to the Oracle Cloud and Create Report by clicking on Report.

Click on Upload

Enter Layout Name, Type: Excel Template, Locale: English and Click on Browse to upload the template. Click on the upload button.

Attach data model

Save the report and click on view report.

Output File will be generated in excel.

The limitation of this excel template is we cannot embed images in a flexible manner as we do in rtf template. Excel template will work best when user wants the plain report with data not complex layouts are involved.

About the Author

G Maheshnath Babu is working with Trinamix Inc. as an Oracle Apps and Cloud technical consultant. He has rich experience in SCM modules, Oracle Apps RICE components, and EBS to cloud integrations. He is an expert in Oracle Cloud reports.

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