Change Order Auto Propagation in Product Hub Cloud

By March 19, 2021 Blog

Change Order Auto Propagation in Product Hub Cloud


This blog will help to understand how to propagate the structure (BOM) changes from one organization to another organization with help of change order in Product Data Hub.

Structure changes:

Propagation is only applicable for commercialization change orders and you can only propagate structure changes.

Let us consider SB-TESTITEM-3 is item existing in 000 organization.SB-TESTITEM-3-COMP1 and SB-TESTITEM-3-COMP2 are components to be added with help of change order at level 1 in structure for 000 organization. SB-TESTITEM-3 item also exists in 001 organization. So same change order can be created to copy the structure with level 1 components from 000  to 001 organization. User needs to make sure that component items also exists in 001 organization.

Business Scenario:

Now suppose user wants to implement item structure changes in multiple organizations by propagating change orders to other organizations. User can achieve this with help of propagation rules thus eliminating need to create change order for each organization. Thus it saves time to create same structure in another organization and also creating change order.

About Author:-

Snehashri Bhosale is a Consultant with more than 6 years of experience in Oracle Product Management Modules. She has been part of implementation and support projects.

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