Accelerate X

Trinamix Rapid Implementation

Approach for SaaS Applications

Product Overview 


Traditional approaches to implementation and integration are often overpriced, complex, and cannot keep up with escalating demand. Implementing a new software system is often risky and time-consuming in operations environments where deep-rooted legacy systems exist.

Even if operating legacy systems coexist with modern software, the task of integrating multiple processes is likely to set off alarms in the IT department. Due to the long-time frame of standard implementation projects, customers often deal with a lack of agility to adapt to variable workload demands. In addition, there is more burden on users because of legacy data, process, and business rule issues. Keeping ongoing projects on legacy platforms while investing in the new integration process involves a dual cost to these businesses. So, they want to develop and adhere to a realistic project timeline.

Startups, Acquisitions, and SMEs often need a quick and straightforward implementation methodology to modernize their applications and provide a platform for growth.

Solution Overview

Accelerate X is Trinamix Rapid Implementation Approach for SaaS Applications. It embraces all technical breakthroughs and offers a pre-built toolbox to accelerate the implementation process at each stage.

Trinamix Rapid implementation Approach is an intriguing possibility to narrow down the implementation gap. This is the right solution that meets Startups, Acquisitions, and SMEs’ requirements to keep up with the speed of change and innovation in the industry.

Trinamix Rapid Implementation Approach is an agile method built on industry-specific best practices. Traditional requirements-driven approaches take significantly longer and cost more due to the focus on features and customizations. However, this approach is a process, or solution-driven, which allows for a clean, straightforward implementation in a shorter timeframe.

Key Features

Trinamix Project Execution Dashboard for smart and agile project execution.


Trinamix Adaptor self-scripted data migration tasks quicker and more accurately.
Trinamix Unity Integrator for faster and flawless 3rd party integration into the Cloud.
User adaptation from day one in their environment or in our demo/test environment.
RPA-Based Regression Testing for reducing manual tasks with automation execution.
Post-go-live support template for a best practices checklist for a triumphant go-live faster.

Key Benefits

Cost-effective with a focus on critical business functions and contingency planning
Guided by a best-practice-driven framework, helping businesses establish a roadmap to success.
Reduce data migration, design, and build effort by up to 40% using 40+Oracle cloud-ready adopters
Reduce the time spent resolving defects by 20% with an error logging and monitoring framework.
Live & running on SaaS applications framework in weeks with a faster approach to Phase 1 implementation.
Support future growth plans while aiming to streamline the business processes and increase efficiency.
Reduce integration design and build effort by up to 40% using the 50+ Cloud integration adaptors to systems